3 1/2 Years to 5 Years
-Summer 2020-

Come To An Introductory Class

Let’s Discover Together Just How Far a Little Imagination…
And a Lot of Music…Can Go!

  • Ages

    3 1/2 to 5 years with caregiver

  • Class Dates

    Weeks of: June 1, 8, 15, 22;
    July 6, 13, 20; August 3;
    (No class weeks of June 29 & July 27)
    May register for 1/2 of session if we are notified at time of registration-
    (First 4 Weeks or Second 4 Weeks)

  • Non-Refundable Deposit

    $20.00 ($10.00 if registering for 1/2 of session)

  • Monthly Tuition

    $57.00 charged on June 1st and July 1st

  • Home Materials

    CD for each 4 week unit
    Digital materials delivered to your inbox every 4 weeks of classes include:

    • Music played and sung in class
    • Bonus tracks
    • Lyrics
    • An ebook
    • Media-rich activities
    • Download activites
    • Parent information

  • Parent Share Time

    We find that our online classes for this age group work well to have mom or dad close by during class or even enjoying class along with their child for the duration of the class

  • Unlimited Classes

    You and your child may attend as many classes as you like each week during the time we have online classes

  • Join Us Anytime, We Will Prorate Tuition

“Look Mom! I’m Flying!” For the preschool child, imagination is everything. In a Level 3 class, your preschooler’s natural love of music, storytelling, and imaginative play is combined to create a remarkable learning process.

Your child will love pretending to be a tightrope walker, a leaf falling from a tree, or a dragon traveling to a castle, all with music as the springboard. Little will your preschooler know that he is using creative thinking that develops language, sensory, motor, and cognitive skills.

He will delight in singing new and familiar songs that develop pitch accuracy. His listening skills will be honed as he intently listens for cues to let him know it is his turn to play his instrument in an ensemble. Level 3 allows us – and you—to nurture your child’s budding musicality, creativity, and love of music while laying the groundwork for future music study.

We look forward to you joining us during the last ten minutes of each class!

"We love Kindermusik because of its wonderful teachers, its amazing program, and its warm and welcoming environment that nurtures a love of music in children from an early age."

– The Riley Family

"My four year old has had such an enjoyable year in the Laugh & Learn class! It was a big step for her to move into the “big kid” group, but I have seen her blossom in so many ways because of it. She has really started to learn a lot of musical concepts this year and I can tell she understands music much better than I would expect from a child her age. There is a big focus on pretend play, which not only keeps her entertained, but has also helped develop her creativity and imagination.

I love the format of Laugh & Learn and how it allows the children to work on social skills and gain a sense of independence for most of the class, but the parents still get to participate towards the end. It has been a great way to foster her love of music and I will always be grateful for the all the ways Kindermusik has helped her grow through the years!"

– Anna Jones

What will my preschooler and I experience in a Kindermusik class?

  • Language Development

    Most three and four year olds love to talk! We foster your child’s language development by encouraging the sharing of ideas, by enjoying interactive story times, by creatively changing the words of songs, and by giving your child the opportunity to speak his thoughts, feelings, preferences, and observations. We celebrate your child’s exploding language development!

  • Vocal Development

    Your preschooler will delight in using his many voices through fun songs, vocal exploration, and play. He will explore his vocal range and continue to hone his skills at matching pitches. Amazingly, singing will enhance your child’s memory and recall, physical development, creativity, and socialization!

  • Instrument Play

    What child doesn’t love to play instruments! They are just plain fun! However, there is a lot of learning taking place when we play instruments in class. Age appropriate instruments provide opportunities for your child to explore steady beat, ensemble, timbre, and other musical concepts.

  • Movement

    Energy and movement permeate a Laugh & Learn class because exuberant preschoolers love to move! Many preschoolers begin to demonstrate steady beat competency through movement. They also love to express themselves through creative movement. Dramatization to music is a favorite activity for the young preschooler and they delight in pretending to be sunflowers dancing in the wind or driving a car on grandpa’s farm. Singing games and circle dances are great social fun when parents join us at the end of class each week.

  • Sharing Time

    Your child is learning to be self-sufficient in a group setting of peers, while many times still needing the affirmation and emotional security provided by you. Laugh & Learn fulfills both needs by incorporating time for peer interactions and time for sharing music with you. During sharing time at the end of each class the two of you will create special memories together from Kindermusik class.

  • Learning Continues At Home

    With the home materials, the learning continues at home with the child’s best teacher—the parent!

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"Our family has been involved in Kindermusik for the last 9 years, and we will be involved for more. We have a wonderful time in class with our children. Seeing them interact with the music, activities, instructors, classmates, and instruments is incredible. Our children are all different, but they each gain so much form the classes. We are so thankful for Kindermusik!"

– Amy Byerly

Summer Units

Let's take a trip to the Wild Animal Park! We'll slither like snakes and pounce like leopards. Encounter tiny tree frogs and enormous elephants, and visit amazing habitats that are high and low, hot and cold, dry and rainy. Then, it’s time for the animals’ favorite activity which they all do together. It’s the jungle hokey-pokey!

Splash! Just add water and stir. This wet and wild unit is filled with delight and surprise. Baths, boats, and beaches make a splash as children explore the sounds, sensations, movements, and music of all things wet and bubbly.


Simply click Register next to the class time that is most convenient for you. Registration fee of $20.00 will be charged at the time of enrollment. Tuition is charged on the 1st of June and the 1st of July.