"I love the variety of activities that are not only fun but focused on development as well. When I see my son laughing and dancing, it makes my day!"

– Paula Verdegaal

Newborn girl in a Cuddle & Bounce class.
Newborn to 12 Months

A perfect way to introduce your baby to music and movement while laying the foundation for lifelong learning. You and your little one will delight in new sounds, new activities and new people, all within the warm, loving atmosphere of a Cuddle & Bounce Class.

Young boy with mom in a Sing & Play Class
12 Months to 24 Months

A just-right class for your little wobbler who is on the move! You will find so much joy in this active class as you watch your child who is beginning to walk, talk, sing, play, clap, tap, and dance—all on their own! Throughout each class, your Kindermusik teacher will give little tips to make parenting easier.

Young boy with mother is a Wiggle & Grow class.
2 to 3 1/2 Years

Wiggle & Grow encourages your child’s budding independence through a comfortable class with his caring adult. We will celebrate the unique joys of your growing child through musical activities for you both. You will love watching your child blossom through the guidance of your Kindermusik teacher!

Children enjoying a Laugh & Learn class.
3 1/2 to 5 Years

Your child will thrive in a carefully crafted, research based music curriculum that is so much more than a preschool sing-along. Preschoolers joyfully engage their love of music to foster their independence, social and emotional skills, language skills, and self-control. Their Kindermusik class will complement and enhance their preschool experience.

5 TO 6 Years

In Move & Groove, your child will be introduced to the written language of music. You will be amazed at the effortless way your child joyfully learns to read and play simple quarter note rhythms and learns about the music staff in a very age appropriate way. You will appreciate how your child’s love of music will be nurtured to insure a life-long enjoyment of music. Your child will simply thrive in a social, fun, and pressure free environment. Move & Groove is the perfect introduction to the school year curriculum, Kindermusik for the Young Child.

"My special needs daughter is learning social skills as well as so much about her environment through music. Her experiences have been amazing!"

– Christi Wilson