New Kindermusik Units For You!

We are so looking forward to sharing new music, dances, and activities soon!



Ages newborn to 12 months

 If you think about it, your day-to-day routine is a lot like a piece of music. Ups, downs, repetitions, patterns, fast parts, slow parts, and lots (and lots) of improvising! Music Makes My Day focuses on daily rituals and parts of the day, and gets you thinking about anticipation, improvisation, singing, instruments, new rituals, and other ways to make your same-old routine fun and musical.   You will feel so connected to the other parents and children talking and singing about your daily routines with your baby!



 Ages 12 – 24 months     

For toddlers, “family” means everyone who loves them! They are often surrounded by family members, friends, and other loving caregivers who look after them and shape their days. Family All Around Me celebrates these bonds and offers lots of opportunities for fun, connection, movement, and instrument play.   Such wonderful memories are made in this class!


                                            Ages 2 – 3 1/2 years

Sing, dance, rhyme, move, and play your way through this celebration of why our very special Family & Friends matter so much! Using our imaginations, we’ll visit our friends’ houses, interact with family, go to the market, play with playmates, and more.   Everyone is invited to make music with our Kindermusik family and friends!

                                                Ages 3 1/2 – 5 years

Rise and shine, weather and adventures are waiting! There are raindrops to catch and snowmen to build, wind and thunder sounds to make, and sunny-day games to play, too. I rub my eyes and what do I see? Sun, rain, wind, and snow…right Outside My Window!   Watch your child blossom through imaginative play and music!!


We Can’t Wait To See You Soon!!