We Are Passionate About Sharing Music With your Child.
Music Changes Lives.

  • "Kindermusik is our favorite part of the week! My child has completely blossomed through Kindermusik and it is the absolute highlight of each week!"

    – Jennie Walthall

  • "Class sizes are small and the environment is warm and welcoming to all. Children are accepted for who they are--in a no-pressure environment."

    – Tracy Sawyer

  • "Best program in town to enhance my children's music experience. Both my children have particpated since infancy."

    – Chrissie Granbery

  • “It is a special time for just me and Mommy. We love music!”

    – Rachael Reynolds’s son

  • "Kindermusik is absolutely amazing for child intellectual, emotional, and social development. My twins blossomed in many ways, and I believe that the effects of their premature birth have been mitigated by their participation. They love interacting with other children, and have met many milestones by observing others. I have cherished the time that I get to spend with them. Getting to know other parents is also a plus!As a clinical psychologist, I know the importance of early childhood stimulation, and Kindermusik provides the various brain stimulation that children need to thrive! I recommend Kindermusik to everyone invested in their child's future."

    – Dr. Jennifer Rockett

  • “Kindermusik is something we look forward to every week. It’s a wonderful way for me to have fun with my toddler and learn new activities to do at home.”

    – Susan Steinbauer

  • “Music makes learning FUN! We love listening to our unit music every time we’re in the car and at home. Kindermusik is such a gift to us!”

    – Saysha Cangelose

  • “Kindermusik has been a way for me to bond with my daughter in a very nurturing and educational environment!”

    – Ashley Broom

  • “We LOVE Kindermusik! My son learns so much and I can see him growing and excelling in his class. The teachers each care so much and appreciate each child and everything that makes them unique.“

    – Marilyn Johnson

  • “Kindermusik is age appropriate fun. Captures the children’s attention, holds their attention, and I catch them playing Kindermusik at home. I believe it really stimulates learning and helps us as parents have fun, new ideas to sing/play with the girls.”

    – Jenny Burtin

  • "Ms. Shirley and the Kindermusik staff are amazing! We have been participating in Kindermusik since my son was 3 months old.Activities are all developmentally appropriate and easily adaptable for children of all ages and abilities. And it is also a great way for parents to meet others with children of a similar age. We will definitely be continuing Kindermusik for the years to come!"

    – Renee Keelan

  • "Kindermusik is a wonderful gift to give your child! The exposure to music at an early age is incomparable to anything else!"

    – Angela Wilke

  • "We love Kindermusik because of its wonderful teachers, its amazing program, and its warm and welcoming environment that nurtures a love of music in children from an early age."

    – The Riley Family

  • "Kindermusik is our favorite! We like to play instruments and have fun. Playing at Kindermusik is the best part of our week!"

    – Nicole McKnight

  • "Our family has been involved in Kindermusik for the last 9 years, and we will be involved for more. We have a wonderful time in class with our children. Seeing them interact with the music, activities, instructors, classmates, and instruments is incredible. Our children are all different, but they each gain so much form the classes. We are so thankful for Kindermusik!"

    – Amy Byerly

  • "Kindermusik staff are friendly and warm, helping my shy child feel appreciated and valued. I believe, due to the nature of the classes and interaction involved, he is surpassing expectations in speech and is no longer afraid to play with other children. Sharing, taking turns and listening are valuable skills learned while attending, so they are non-issues in our house - a HUGE benefit for any toddler! Plus hearing him sing is adorable. I attribute it all to Kindermusik with their professional and specifically geared guidance and fun teaching methods."

    – Kristina Poling