We Are Passionate About Sharing Music With your Child.
Music Changes Lives.

Come experience the world’s leading early childhood music curriculum where you will absolutely fall in love with the magic of a music class. You will be making special memories and will be strengthening the bond between you and your child through your favorite time of the week together. Join our Kindermusik family where the teachers are absolutely passionate about helping your child flourish. Are we the best choice for your child? Yes, we believe we are.

Shirley Boening

Shirley Boening, Director director@nullkindermusikofcollegestation.com

Mrs. Shirley founded Kindermusik of CS-B in 1989. This was the realization of a dream she had had since childhood. Beginning piano study at the age of 5, playing the piano quickly became a very important part of her life. She would pretend to teach piano and could be found marking up her church bulletin during the sermon each week, pretending she was a piano teacher assigning music to her students!

After earning a BS degree in elementary education with a music specialization from Texas Lutheran University (where she met her choir/band director husband), she still dreamed of owning a music school. Through her experience of teaching piano, she had found that the 5 and 6 year olds learned to play piano much more quickly, more musically, and would continue lessons much longer than older beginners. At the same time, research was proving that music is like learning a language. The earlier a child is immersed in the language, the easier it is to learn the language. The same holds true for music.

After observing this fact for a number of years, Mrs. Shirley read an ad in a music teacher’s journal that advertised Kindermusik. The concept of Kindermusik spoke to her heart and the rest is history. Thirty years later, Mrs. Shirley’s passion for young children and sharing the love of music with them is still very much alive.

Erin Huff erin@nullkindermusikofcollegestation.com

Mrs. Erin came on board with the Kindermusik team in 2019. Although she has spent the last 10 years teaching classroom music to students Pre-K - 12 in the Bryan/College Station community, she began her career as a music therapist.

She received her Music Therapy degree from Sam Houston State University. Soon after, she became certified to teach music, and has loved the experience of melding the two worlds of Music Therapy and Music Education.

Mrs. Erin and her husband are both musicians, and often play together at church functions. She enjoys being able to bring the joy of music-making to young and old. She has a special place in her heart for working with young babies and children, as these are the foundational ages for creating music-makers.

Erin Huff

Everything in life is better with music, according to Mrs. Erin. By teaching music, she is able to give each student a life-long gift, a gift that will improve their lives, for the rest of their lives.

Joy McCoy

Joy McCoy joy@nullkindermusikofcollegestation.com

Mrs. Joy was born into a family that sings together. A close family friend has said that being with her family is like being in a musical, one person starts a song and everyone else joins in.

She received a degree in music education from Angelo State University and has taught students from preschool to high school. She loves teaching Kindermusik because it provides all the most wonderful aspects of early learning for children through the framework of music but without the pressures of performance, so children and adults are free to grow in their own unique ways.

Joy shares music at home with her husband and their 3 children. C.S. Lewis said, “It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it.” Her hope is to carry every load she may have in her life with a song in her heart, and to share that music with others.

Jamie Mosley jamie@nullkindermusikofcollegestation.com

Mrs. Jamie’s music appreciation and bounteous imagination started at a very young age. When faced with three brothers and not a single sister, she had to create her own fun after being forced to watch Star Wars one too many times (get it, “forced”…). She was surrounded by a family of piano and trumpet players and has fond memories of trudging down the snow-covered streets of Iowa playing in brass choirs during the holidays. Most of her evenings in elementary school were spent watching her brothers play in jazz bands, symphonies, marching bands, and pit orchestras.

As she grew up, she developed a true passion for piano, singing, musical theater, and teaching! After graduating from the University of Iowa where she earned a BS in Elementary Education, she spent 7 years teaching in elementary classrooms. Although she loved teaching third and fourth grades, her favorite position was teaching elementary music.

Jamie Mosley

She now enjoys spending time with her two young daughters who have a true passion for making noise. Kindermusik is the perfect fit for a mom who loves music and teaching!

Jessica Lemmons

Jessica Lemmons jessica@nullkindermusikofcollegestation.com

A born performer, Mrs. Jessica has been singing pretty much from day one! As the child of a pianist and a band director, Jessica's life has been steeped in music, and she has never known a time when it wasn't her close companion. She spent her early life being toted along to opera rehearsals, choir concerts, and the occasional class piano lesson, learning along the way. A graduate of Abilene Christian University, she received her Bachelor of Music degree with an emphasis in Vocal Performance, while continuing her opera studies.

Moving to Bryan/College Station, Jessica has remained active in the local performance scene, while also discovering a love of teaching. In addition to her private voice studio, Jessica is also a dance instructor at Pure Energy Dance Productions and The Dance Barre.

Mrs. Jessica can't wait to bring you and your little ones along into the musical world that has held her close from the beginning. Jessica is momma to Eli and Zelda (and Sheila the dog), and is thrilled to be joining the Kindermusik team.

"Kindermusik staff are friendly and warm, helping my shy child feel appreciated and valued. I believe, due to the nature of the classes and interaction involved, he is surpassing expectations in speech and is no longer afraid to play with other children. Sharing, taking turns and listening are valuable skills learned while attending, so they are non-issues in our house - a HUGE benefit for any toddler! Plus hearing him sing is adorable. I attribute it all to Kindermusik with their professional and specifically geared guidance and fun teaching methods."

-Kristina Poling