2 Years to 3 1/2 Years
-2024-25 School Year-

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  • Ages

    2 Years to 3 1/2 Years with caregiver

  • Class Schedule

    • 30 Total Classes
    • Class Begins: Week of September 9th
    • Studio Holiday Closures:
      Thanksgiving: November 25th – 30th
      Winter Break: December 16th – January 4th
      Spring Break: March 10th – 15th
      Makeup Week: April 14th – 19th
    • Class Ends: Week of May 12th

  • Makeup Week

    This flex week will be used in the event that a class was cancelled during the school year for either teacher absence or bad weather. Only classes that were cancelled by the studio will be made up this week. All other classes will have the week off. In the event that this week will need to be used to schedule a makeup class, the studio will communicate directly with you.

  • Registration

    $25.00 (Charged at the time of enrollment)

  • Monthly Tuition

    $67.00 Monthly (Charged on the 1st of the month)

  • Home Materials

    Digital materials accessed online or in the free app include:

    • Music played and sung in class
    • Bonus tracks
    • Lyrics
    • Book that is read in class
    • Media-rich activities
    • Download activites
    • Developmental information

  • Optional Physical Materials

    An instrument and family guide for each unit may be ordered at the first class.

  • Sibling & Parent Policy

    We ask that only one adult per child attend. Siblings may attend if in a carrier or seated quietly at the side of the room with books. Please no toys.

  • Make-Up Policy

    Going to grandma’s or feeling under the weather? No problem. You may attend any Level 2 class that does not have full enrollment. Make-up classes cannot be guaranteed.

  • Join Us Anytime, We Will Prorate Tuition

What a special time Level 2 is for both parent and child! In class, you will be amazed at your toddler’s budding creativity as you encourage your child to initiate his own ideas and respond in his own way through singing, movement, and the playing of instruments.

With you right there as his best teacher, your little one will uncover an engaging musical world while building confidence, self-control, and communication skills in an accepting environment.

Your Kindermusik teacher will guide you every step of the way in this delightful musical adventure and will give you wonderful parenting tips along the way.

From hoops to parachutes, you and your child will have the very best time of your week through music!

“Music makes learning FUN! We love listening to our unit music every time we’re in the car and at home. Kindermusik is such a gift to us!”

-Saysha Cangelose

“We LOVE Kindermusik! I especially love that my daughters are able to enjoy positive musical experiences in a relaxed and loving environment. My children feel comfortable to be themselves and are able to learn and explore. Kindermusik is one of the best pre-school activities that the Bryan/College Station area has to offer."

-Alix Neeley

What will my toddler and I experience in Kindermusik class?

  • Variety Of Music

    You will enjoy age appropriate songs and rhymes to help your child find his singing voice, encourage his speech development, and foster an appreciation of many styles and genres of music.

  • Instrument Play

    “Play is a child’s best work.” What fun for a toddler to explore a variety of instruments such as drums, bells, etc., while playing in a social setting with joy. Instrument play-along activities are first steps in developing ensemble skills, be it a musical group or a sports team.

  • Movement

    Research tells us that children need to move to learn. And, children naturally love to move to music. Fun and learning abound through circle dances, creative and expressive movement with or without scarves, hoops and other props and pretend play. Through movement, your child develops steady beat, vocabulary, creativity, and self-awareness.

  • Story Time

    Story time is a delightful time of class when you and your child listen, laugh, chant, and sometimes sing together! During story time, your child’s language and speech skills are being enhanced, as well as his love of reading.

  • Together Time

    A Kindermusik class is truly the essence of “quality time,” offering the parent a place to create special memories with their child, gain new insights into their child’s development, and nurture their child’s natural love of music.

  • Expert Advice

    A Kindermusik Educator explains “what-to-watch-for” every step of the way and explains how each activity enhances a child’s complete development.

  • Learning Continues At Home

    With the home materials, the learning continues at home with the child’s best teacher—the parent!

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“Kindermusik is age appropriate fun. Captures the children’s attention, holds their attention, and I catch them playing Kindermusik at home. I believe it really stimulates learning and helps us as parents have fun, new ideas to sing/play with our girls.”

-Jenny Burtin


Simply click Register next to the class time that is most convenient for you. Registration fee of $25.00 will be charged at the time of enrollment. Tuition is charged on the first of the month. All classes will be held at the Kindermusik studio.