4 1/2 Years to 6 Years
-2024-25 School Year-

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Simply the Best Way to Fast Track Your Child’s Progress as we Explore Their Potential Through Music.

  • Ages

    4 1/2 Years to 6 Years (caregiver joins last ten minutes of class)

  • Class Schedule

    • 30 Total Classes
    • Class Begins: Week of September 9th
    • Studio Holiday Closures:
      Thanksgiving: November 25th – 30th
      Winter Break: December 16th – January 4th
      Spring Break: March 10th – 15th
      Makeup Week: April 14th – 19th
    • Class Ends: Week of May 12th

  • Makeup Week

    This flex week will be used in the event that a class was cancelled during the school year for either teacher absence or bad weather. Only classes that were cancelled by the studio will be made up this week. All other classes will have the week off. In the event that this week will need to be used to schedule a makeup class, the studio will communicate directly with you.

  • Registration Fee

    $25.00 (Charged at the time of enrollment)

  • Materials Fees

    • Fall: $55.00 (Charged August 1st)
    • Spring: $30.00 (Charged January 1st)

  • Monthly Tuition

    $72.00 (Charged on the 1st of the month)

  • Home Materials

    The Materials Fee provides the following Home Materials:

    • Glockenspiel
    • Glockenspiel Carrying Bag
    • Glockenspiel Music Book
    • Games bag
    • 2 Sets of Activity Pages & Attendance Stickers
    • Digital Materials, including all the music for class

  • Second Time Around Discount

    Siblings of those who have previously been in Musicians Year 1 and still own the instrument can request to be charged a discounted Materials Fee. Discounted Sibling Kits contain a new folder with activity pages, attendance stickers, and game bag.

    • Fall: $35.00 (Charged August 1st)
    • Spring: $25.00 (Charged January 1st)

  • Enrollment Deadline

    Due to the structure of the curriculum, students must enroll by January 20th, 2025 in order to join the 2024-2025 School Year session.

Level 4/Musicians Year 1 is a fun and educationally appropriate way for your child to learn to read music and play an instrument. Between the ages of 4 ½ and 6 years, your budding musician learns best by being actively engaged in making music. However, play remains the primary way that this age group learns.

Through playful, engaging musical activities your child will discover the joy of reading music and playing songs on his instrument, the glockenspiel (xylophone), all in a social setting. You will be amazed at how much he learns!

The learning continues in other areas such as the study of famous composers, the four families of instruments, musical concepts and symbols, and playing in an ensemble. Level 4/Musicians Year 1 is the perfect bridge between the music play of early childhood and the more formal musical experiences to come in the future, such as private music lessons.

Your child will love experiencing the joy in a Level 4/Musicians Year 1 classroom!

"We have been involved with Kindermusik for eight years and I believe my children have benefitted greatly from the program. They have excelled academically in school and I believe Kindermusik played a role in this."

-Sara Moffitt

Young girl in a Young Child Year 1 class.

"We cannot say enough about how much Kindermusik has played a positive role in our boys' early childhood development. Our 5 year old has enjoyed every phase of Kindermusik, starting at 6 months old. Now he looks forward to his weekly class, proudly learning to read and play music on the glockenspiel. We feel fortunate for our boys to be a part of this enriching opportunity for young children in our community."

– Andy and Jessica Hubnik

What Will My Child Experience in a Kindermusik Class?

  • Singing and Vocal Development

    Many children become accurate singers between 4 ½ and 7 years and realize their first “instrument” as their own voice. Your child will delight in singing songs that were chosen to enhance his ability to match pitches.

  • Instrument Play

    By 4 ½, your child is so very ready to have his own instrument to play. The glockenspiel (xylophone) is chosen as his first instrument because it is similar to a piano keyboard, without the black keys, and he can see the distance between the notes he plays and hears. Being able to see these distances or intervals is important for training his ear.

  • Music Reading

    This class provides a very gentle introduction to note reading and your child will thrive. Pitch and rhythms are introduced individually to give your child a thorough understanding of both before they come together on the musical staff. Your child will have fun learning songs through singing-games and activities designed to prepare him to play the the songs on his glockenspiel. This encourages success.

  • Movement

    Experts agree that movement is essential for learning. Your child will experience musical concepts through fun and social movement activities that will help him gather the wherewithal for internalizing music . In turn, this wherewithal will provide a direct foundation for the formal musical instruction he will experience after Kindermusik as the next step in his musical education.

  • Composing

    After learning to read music on the staff, your child will be able to express himself by writing short melodies. Very age appropriate “note chips” are used to place on a printed staff when composing.

  • Sharing Time

    Research shows that children learn best from someone they have a strong emotional connection to. Therefore, you are asked to join your child’s class for the last ten minutes of each week to share in a musical activity with your child and to learn how to best help your child continue his musical learning at home during the week.

  • Learning Continues At Home

    The materials fee covers the purchase of the instrument and other materials you keep so that the learning can continue at home! Your child’s best teacher is you!

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"My children have been able to attend Kindermusik classes since they were just a few months old and I love sharing in their musical experiences.

They have always enjoyed music, but it wasn’t until I saw them actually read music and begin playing an instrument in Level 4 that I recognized their appreciation for music and its effect on their cognitive and physical development. They also recognize their own ability to make music and enjoys its beauty."

– Manda Rosser


Simply click Register next to the class time that is most convenient for you. The $25 Registration Fee will be charged at the time of enrollment. The Materials Fee will be charged August 1st. Tuition is charged on the first of the month starting September 1st.